Deacons, John "Mini End of Day Paperweight"

$ 26.00

Mini End of Day Paperweight by John Deacons (approx 2" x 1 1/2") 

The perfect paperweight to play I-Spy with! These delightful mini paperweights include an assortment of interesting canes, each one a unique work of art. Colors and canes will vary. We will try our best to honor specific color requests but our stock fluctuates daily.

John started with Strathearn, moving to Perthshire soon after it started. In 1978 he left to form his own firm, J Glass, and produced many fine weights until 1983. These days John makes weights on a much smaller scale in his home studio. The Deacons studio is world-renowned for innovation, and John and his team are constantly coming up with new ideas.