Magnetic Sand Timer

$ 19.00
Magnetic Sand Timer

Magnetic Sand Timer; 7" tall; glass, metal, wood

Funky, fun art for your desk! Flip it over and watch a mound of metal shards form at the bottom. 

Sandglasses are first mentioned historically in 3rd century Rome and Greece. They were used to time Senate speeches. By the 12th century, Venice had become the center for production of these glasses. The sand for inside was dust supplied from marble quarries. Ancient sandglasses were two separate vials joined in the middle with waxed cords. By the 1800s, technology allowed for production in a single blowing.

In the 1400s these glasses were used to keep ship logs, measure boat speed and calculate longitude. They timed cooking in kitchens, lectures in universities, and shifts and breaks in factories. The English House of Commons used them to time the bells for voting. Doctors carried one-minute timers to measure pulse. Sandglasses morphed into decorative pieces as mechanical clocks became common in the 1500s.

Things to know about this item:

  • Approximately 6" high with base
  • 30-second timer
  • Imported, Handmade Glass
  • Instructions included