"Ho Ho Hot Cocoa" Sea Glass Art by Sook & Hook

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Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass

"Ho Ho Hot Cocoa" Sea Glass Art by Sook & Hook

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* Please note each and every sea glass piece is unique and made to order. There may be slight imperfections in the pieces of glass, and overall appearance my vary slightly from the photos provided here.

* Presented within a 4"x 6" white frame with glass situated *behind* the watercolor paper due to the sea glass pieces being three dimensional. 

*All sea glass is found by artist Ashley Lucas (aka Lady Lucas) and her son on their morning walks on the NJ Shore. When our well runs a little dry - additional pieces are graciously provided by friends & neighbors that live in the area.


About Sook & Hook

During my walks alone on the shore, I ask the ocean directly about all sorts of things. Most recently - "What is the best way my art can serve the most people right now?" , - and moments later a gorgeous piece of green glass rested next to my foot. And moments later - another piece - and another! I have been collecting sea glass as a hobby since we arrived in the area a year or so ago, but I couldn't wrap my head around the simplicity of this answer. (Thanks ocean!). So... I made a few sea glass art pieces for fun as Christmas gifts this past December, and listed one of them for sale. What ensued was essentially our kitchen turning into a small factory until 10pm every single night leading up to the holidays. Currently, every single piece of sea glass is either found by me and my son, or by one of our local friends that introduced me to the joy of this past time - (Thank you Arlene, Audrey and June!). Oh - and the name Sook & Hook?? It's what our son calls the squirrels in our yard. They are adorable little pine squirrels who tumble around our yard like tiny yo-yos.