Adams, Luke "Glass Star"

$ 30.00

Glass Star by Luke Adams; approx 5" across, all glass materials. 

This colorful hanging glass star ornament is hand blown in Massachusetts by Luke Adams, of Luke Adams Glass. A touch of dichroic glass, known for its exceptional brilliance, lends the shape a unique flavor. One arm of the star folds over to make a natural loop for hanging. Each is packaged in a clear plastic box with an artist's card.

Also known by our longtime customers as a Remembrance Star, this makes a thoughtful bereavement gift. Please specify color preference and we will honor it as best we can. Please also specify if you would like any of the following cards included with your purchase:

  • “What if the brilliant, twinkling stars that bring the dark night sky to life are windows looking out of heaven? And at the very moment when we are wishing on those stars, hoping that the loved ones we have lost are happy, safe and free….maybe they are looking at those same stars from the other side, making the same wish for us….sending us all their love.”
  • “Now the heavens are brighter by one more star.”
  • “Perhaps they are not just stars, but openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones shines down to let us know they are with us.”