Glass Eye Studio "Tropical Storm"

$ 143.00

"Tropical Storm" by Glass Eye Studio (approx 3" round). Includes informational card and lined, blue velvet gift box.

From Glass Eye Studio's Environmental Series: When the wind of a disturbance exceeds 35 knots, it is considered to be a tropical storm. Hot winds, crashing waves and swirling currents can escalate quickly to powerful and destructive forces once a storm begins. Captured in crystal is an artist's vision of a dangerous but beautiful Tropical Storm. 

Glass Eye Studio was established in Seattle in 1978 when the Northwest glass scene was just starting to take off. Today, Seattle is an art glass mecca and their studio is a leading producer of innovative glass designs. They incorporate a variety of materials in the production of their designs, including dichroic glass, fine gold, and the Glass Eye signature ingredient: ash from the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens.