Graeber, David "Blue Chrysanthemum Bouquet"

$ 1,850.00

"Blue Chrysanthemum Bouquet" by David Graeber (approx 3 1/4" x 2 3/4"), with signature cane.

"My 'stories in glass' have evolved over time. However, one fact, my love of nature, remains constant. Many of my creations celebrate the memory of a loved one or the joy of a special event. All capture nature’s elegance and remarkable diversity.

“A lifelong ‘Jerseyman,’ I’ve honed my craft under the watchful eye of teachers, mentors, and friends that include the late George Vail, who introduced me to the world of architectural reconstruction and forensic sculpture; William Marlin, a dedicated teacher and established painter; Paul Stankard, who encouraged me to strike out on my own in 2009; Ed Poore, the master cutter whose skill has enhanced several of my paperweights; and most recently, Robin Lehman, a two-time Academy award winner, whose love of music and film influence his glass weights.“

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