"Ananda" by Mother Sierra

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Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass

"Ananda" by Mother Sierra

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It’s much easier to transcend the impermanence of the self when you’re adorned with the timeless elegance of Ananda. With its classic foundation of lustrous gold and black, and a dash of metallic blue, you’ll emanate the serenity and grace of the Buddha. It’s as close to reaching Nirvana as you can get while getting ready for a night out!

Almost one thousand years old, the Ananda Temple in Myanmar is seen as a significant blending of Burmese Mon architecture and classical Indian. So for all the style blenders out there, this one is just for you!

Approx. 9" x 4" cm


All of Mother Sierras pieces are genuinely and sustainably handmade by The Wixárika, Otomí & Maya families in Mexico and Guatemala. There is not a single factory or assembly line anywhere in our chain of production and it shows in the quality and durability of our pieces. The artisans are compensated for the full retail value of their work. So, when you make even a small order from Mother Sierra, you're not only elevating your style, but making a meaningful contribution to the indigenous families we work with.

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