"A Glass of Bubbly" - 2022 Annual Holiday Paperweight

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Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass

"A Glass of Bubbly" - 2022 Annual Holiday Paperweight

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By Scott Garrelts of Garrelts Glass

A solid hand sculpted glass orb with colorful ribbons of cane spiraling alongside encased bubbles.

"I have been working with glass since 2006. I enjoy making different forms from glass, including bowls, bases and other vessels as well as imaginative and some more realistic sculptures. A thousand year old technique, known as cane-working, is one of my favorite styles to work in. It involves creating, and then arranging thin rods of colored glass. Sometimes in patterns, and many times weaving in and out of each other while flowing through the pieces of glass. There are millions of different ways to use cane. I make all m glass from scratch. I also try to use intense amounts of variations in color. I make many of my colors from raw materials. The main ingredient is sand, followed by soda ash and lime. By creating my own colors, I'm able to come up with some colors that may not be available to the rest of the glass world. With my glass I hope to simply bring pleasure and enhance ones surrounding, though many pieces are functional as well."

Approx. 2.5" x 3"

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